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Tired of affirmations, wellness programs, shamanic practices, positive self-talk, meditation, healing conferences, tapping, oils, or massage? Switching from one healing trend to the next? Frustrated for loss of time and money? shame guilt are the roots of emotional and physical problems. Without finding and releasing shame guilt by you, with your counselor, coach, therapist, healing is incomplete.

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Emotional Revolution=Evolution Releasing shame guilt

Not your ordinary self-help book. Lois Hollis’ understanding of shame guilt surpasses the standard ‘how-to’ with philosophical, religious, and cultural implications. She offers the reader new behavior that strengthens their lives for more positive results. Extra postage charged for mailings outside USA. $19.99


It’s already taken me a level deeper in healing and I’m just starting chapter 4!

I’ve read other shame writer’s work and this is deeper.
So thankful. I feel a weight lifted. Shame and Guilt are not ours to own. page 27 

I know now how to get out of shame and guilt. 

I am on page 87 and my book is so dog eared and bent up….

I also noted something very interesting, not sure where I was in the book, but all of a sudden, I understood “God” and my heart opened a bit more.

Lois, my life was changed when I found you.

You inspired me to heal, to love myself, and to love others too.

And I wrote so many things that changed me from the inside out while seeing you.

Your book taught me how to succeed with offensive drama people. Now I can escape them without guilt. I hope your book finds its way to others and hear your kind voice in it as I do.  Blessings and Thank You   Peggy

Soul Mirror Cards

Soul Mirror Cards are short phrases of Light Language.
80 Cards $ 24.95

DVD Out of Discord Into Harmony

Lois’ film, “Out of Discord Into Harmony” takes you on a journey into the unconscious mind to introduce you to the battle of your emotions, positive vs negative. Their conflict reflects itself within your emotional and physical health. Their resolution brings you and them well being.


Now is the time

Writings From My Soul that inspire love to stop shameguilt.


Five-Hundred Questions Have One Answer

What Are Shame Guilt Behaviors?

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