Lois Hollis Interview

Lois Hollis’ interview challenges psychology as she reveals how emotions are our life force. The presence of shame guilt makes us deny our feelings and our body loses the energy to maintain health.

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Tired of affirmations, wellness programs, shamanic practices, positive self-talk, meditation, healing conferences, tapping, oils, or massage? Switching healing trends. Frustrated for loss of time and money? shame guilt are the root of emotional and physical problems. Without recognition and release of shame guilt by you, with your counselor, coach, therapist, healing is incomplete.

Lois journeys you into the unconscious mind in her short video, “Out of Discord Into Harmony” where you will meet your emotions, both positive and negative. Each emotion portrayed as young children awaits your arrival to stop the inner war of negative against positive.
Once each emotion heals, they live in harmony and their health gifts you with emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

“I got to watch your movie out of discord into harmony, well done.
It resonated with me in many ways. I feel I have been consciously speaking to my emotions for over a year and instead of taking them out of discord into harmony, I would just leave them there, continuously leaving myself in suffering. How crazy is that?”
– Zak Canada

“I have been in counseling many times, each time making a little progress to emotional healing. Talking with Lois, I accomplished more in one hour than in all my years of traditional therapy. I highly recommend time with Lois. In times of confusion, I can bring me back to myself with her wisdom.”

Sandy Webster – Norfolk, Virginia

“It has been said ‘physician, heal thyself’, and it is the worst mistake a healer can make. Lois healed herself first from child abuse that made her feel stupid. She understands how the shame of those events bury deeply in your mind and body.

The difference between one session with Lois and the hundreds and hundreds of other counselor appointments I had, as she did not guess how to heal from abuse, she knows. She understands that it is not enough to say forgive and just let it go. You have to go a step deeper, and Lois showed me how and made it easy!!!

I am very grateful to her for understanding me in a way that no one else could.”

Name withheld by request.

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