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ShameGuilt is Our Betrayer

In today’s episode, Lois Hollis talks about how shame guilt (not to be confused with shame AND guilt) was the root of all her symptoms – depression, anxiety, apprehensions, hatred, and anger and how she overcame it all.

Lois Hollis, RN, BSN, REV. is a shame guilt educator, counselor, filmmaker. Lois shifts our opinion on one of the most taboo subjects, shame guilt. As a trailblazer, she helped create one of the first Kidney Hemodialysis Units in the USA in 1966. Today Lois establishes shame guilt as an independent study. Her 50 years experience in health, 15 years research, and counseling bring NEW knowledge of these misunderstood conditions to release us from shame guilt blaming. Lois’ first film, Out of Discord Into Harmony, was released in 2008 and teaches how to communicate with your inner self.  Her new film I’M GOOD makes shame guilt visible. She shares 3 books. She was given a death sentence at 55 and now thrives at 77. Lois shows us how. 

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