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Ridding Parent Shame Guilt

Ridding Parent Shame And Guilt

Bulimia and shaming guilt
Shame guilt is an energy that comes into us in the same way love energy comes into us. Shame is the reason why all the negativities happen to us. That is how you can heal, by concentrating on shame and guilt. Shame guilt is a totally different focus from all other emotions like depression, anxiety, fear, and not being good enough.

Shame and guilt are the root causes of everything. You can just heal by getting rid of the shame and guilt energy, and you can turn your negative emotions into positive ones. Love energy carries joy, happiness, and peace to us, just as shame and guilt energy bring depression and anxiety. It turns the positive emotions into negative ones, turns our compassion into depression, our intuition into anxiety. Once you release shame and guilt energy, all the negativities will turn into positives. Shame Guilt Problem Shame guilt a huge problem and the reason is we are not ready to let it out, we just hide it. Shame and Guilt has only one problem, it dissolves into detection. Shame is in the conscious mind while the guilt is more in our unconscious mind. Most of the people things that shame is bad and guilt is good. People think guilt makes us more moral. No, neither of them is good, there is no healthy poison. Do the good things not because you feel guilty, but because it is the right thing to do.
If you have a bacteria in your brain, it is meningitis. If the same bacteria is in the stomach, it is gastritis. If the same bacteria is in your liver, it is hepatitis. This is how shame and guilt energy work. Shame and guilt are caused by the same bacteria; the only difference is the location of the
bacteria. Shame and guilt energy are called different things because they are in different locations. All the diagnosis are done. It just confuses us and makes a huge mess. Shame guilt energy is not of humanity and cannot be owned by us. It’s a foreign energy source. Getting Rid of Shame and Guilt Energy
Shame, guilt, and energy are like glue; it just sticks with us and it is extremely hard to get rid of it. Love energy gives us so much positivity; it brings us joy, happiness, and peace, yet it is hard to access. We need love energy in our lives, but we do not need shame and guilt energy. Shame
and guilt energy require our assistance. It is like a parasite; it needs us. It just keeps grabbing on to you. Shame and guilt are like a virus that hacks everything and messes up our lives. How do you get rid of a computer virus? You need a virus removal program. The initial step in the healing process is to start talking to yourself. The inner critic is the strongest thing humans can have. The inner critic is the CEO of our soul, mind, spirit, and body. The inner critic is in-charge, so talk to the CEO to get things solved.

People with shame and guilt disorders also have eating disorders. There’s an aspect in every person that is anorexia and another aspect that is bulimic. It is not schizophrenic, it is normal to talk to your inner critic and get rid of shame and guilt energy to get rid of all the physical as well as emotional problems.

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