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A Contagious Smile 

Victoria Cuore

Inviting you to join us as our guest is a heartfelt decision driven by our deep admiration for your unique qualities and contributions.

Your personal journey and accomplishments have inspired many, including us. Your story resonates deeply with individuals striving to overcome challenges and reach their goals. By having you as our guest, we’re not just providing motivation; we’re offering a powerful source of hope and aspiration.

Our commitment to delivering informative and engaging content finds a perfect match in your participation. Your ability to break down complex ideas into accessible concepts enriches our event, ensuring that our listeners receive valuable insights they can apply to their lives.
Your expertise aligns seamlessly with the interests and needs of our audience. Your presence adds an extra layer of relevance to our event, making it even more impactful and appealing.

In essence, your role as our guest goes beyond the title; it signifies a partnership in inspiration, knowledge-sharing, and personal growth. Your involvement elevates the quality of our event, making it a must-attend occasion for anyone seeking transformative insights and a one-of-a-kind perspective. We are sincerely excited about the prospect of having you join us as our guest, and we eagerly anticipate the incredible impact you will make on our audience.

” I worked with Lois about five years ago. Her work is simply uncomplicated. Lois is amazingly intuitive and like nurses she gives you direct instructions like prescription. I took notes on every word she said from this podcast . I’m revisiting my recent shame guilt to get rid of it. ”

-Eleanor Polchinski U.S.A

” ” You do not know me. I first saw you on the show with Karen Swain. Thanks to google translate we are Communicate. Ever since you got into my head … ha ha Trying to communicate with myself … In the end it will succeed. Thank you ” I believe that many more will arise thanks to you.

–Aliza Amar Jerusalem Israel

” ‘I had so much fun with our interview! You are a delight; an inspiration and I love your sense of humor. I know our audience will love the wisdom you shared because they can apply it in their lives. You are a kind, beautiful soul. ‘Thank you for standing in service of others.

-– Surviving Trauma: Stories of Hope Cape Town

” Lois is an amazing guest. She is an expert in Guilt and Shame with experience in handing such cases. She was awesome on my show an will recommend her to your show, podcast, or public speaking. ”

– Okechukwu,Michael Umera Mind Closet 101 Nigeria


” Lois is amazing. You will not regret reaching out to her and getting to know her and her amazing talents. Dwight R. Heck What the Heck Podcast ”

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“I feel this is one of the most important conversations I’ve had on ATP Media in many years. We talk about how to transcend the Blame Shame Guilt Game on this planet!”

-Karen Swain Australia

Thankyou so much for such an inspirational talk, I learnt a lot and you really hit home some very important messages. You are truly amazing and will inspire so many  Just in the process of finalizing the talk and then will send Victim to Victor podcast

–  Anu Verma London

Hi Lois 👋

Thank you again for being an awesome guest on the show! 💪 I had a great time chatting with you – the value you provided was nothing short of immense.

– The Sabir Bhatti Show  – United Kingdom

The podcast is really excellent. Every time I hear it, I get information again. The best podcast I’ve heard.

Most Inspirational Personal Development Podcast 2022

I had a great time with Lois Hollis. She is so full of knowledge, and she is helping so many with what she is doing. 6.23.2021

This podcast has put me in the position to talk to some of the greatest minds on this planet.

Lois Hollis is the leading expert in this field of Shame/Guilt. We had an amazing conversation!
Listen to the full interview below ??

Lois is asked what is the meaning of life for her.

I am sitting down with Lois Hollis a remarkable lady who has dedicated her life to healthcare and holistic healing. Born in Baltimore, Lois embarked on a nursing career that spanned over three decades, specializing in nephrology and pioneering advancements in kidney hemodialysis. She shared her expertise through research, teaching, and consulting, contributing to the establishment of one of the first kidney hemodialysis units in the United States.

Through her own healing process, Lois uncovered the profound impact of shame and guilt on our health and happiness. Recognizing the pervasive presence of these emotions in society, she devoted herself to shedding light on their destructive power. With her unique perspective and personal experiences, Lois empowers individuals to break free from the chains of shame guilt, opening the doors to vibrant health and success.

Join us as Lois shares her incredible story and discusses her groundbreaking work in exposing the trickery of shame guilt. Discover how addressing these emotions directly can lead to profound healing and pave the way for a fulfilling life. Don’t miss this eye-opening conversation on Transcendent Minds with Lois Hollis, a true advocate for holistic well- being and personal transformation.


Introduction of Loishollis

Lois First Podcast from India

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