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Resurrecting Our Humanity

Today is the beginning of a new venture for all of us as we traverse a new terrain of living. It is widely now believed that the battles of yesterday maybe still be upon us, but we have surfaced with a new resilience never known to man before.

As we glisten with our new awareness of talents, we come face to face with adversity that still looms upon us. Yes, it is most difficult to remove all the hatred of the land. In time those of hatred will be drawn to each other and no longer contaminate the soil of those who bring forth life. 

For the time has come to balance out the land of the freedom and enjoy the spectacle of peace. 

There was a time long before us that was saturated in the goodness of love. However, we were tested with the invasion of other dimensions of life. We have come into the existences of many only to learn that humanity is the richest of all species. With God as our creator, we rest within His arms of love and return that love to others as we circle in the night to find peace among the evils of many.

Today imagine the peace we hold dearly is within us but have been made to ignore its presence. Long lasting joy is at our fingertips joining one to another. We need the hands of each other to circle in the night of peace and resurrect again to enjoy the freedoms and love of our humanity.

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