“The Universe Speaks” is a book of destiny written in soul language to awaken humanity to its divinity. I transcribed this book from words I felt from my soul. You will experience wonder and joy of a new reality that offers to bring your heart and soul together.

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written by Lois Hollis

Universe Speaks

Universe Speaks Book Cover

As you read “The Universe Speaks” you will notice that the words are not written in the ‘normal’ order for English grammar. I have come to understand that the soul speaks in its own language. What is the language of the soul? I am unaware of a definition of soul language.

Book UniverseSpeaks by Lois HollisIt is my belief that soul’s language can be compared to a mandelbrot formation.  A mandelbrot is a mathematical structure that arises from a simple definition with a continuous expansion as it reinvents itself. And so it is with the language of the soul. Each message from the soul is a universal truth that reverberates and spirals out to describe the most complex universal concepts as they relate to humanity.  The placement of these soul words activates a continuous expansion and contraction of ideas and in its eternal expansion, proposes another question. Soul language has the property of being alive. Each time you read these words you will receive a different meaning that blossomed from the previous one.

c2Early one morning, shortly after I moved to Sedona, Arizona and recovered from ill health, I was awakened by words pounding in my head. I immediately took out a piece of paper and began to write the words. One word had to be written before I felt the next word. As I wrote, I saw lighted shimmering triangles fall from my left eye onto the paper.  I was in awe of the iridescent beauty of the triangles and their ability to rhythmically move on the paper. As the triangles danced, I felt a cadence within the words that I was writing. I too spiraled within their energy and felt enveloped with love that permeated my body!

My writing lasted for hours. It was only when my physical body tired that I stopped. Even though the words still echoed within me, I was able to put them aside and do other things or sleep. The following day my sacred words were again loud within me, and I wrote for most of that day. This cycle continued for nine months until there was a distinct ending.  I then spent a recovery period of three months. Later I typed these soul words into my computer.
I was amazed.  I had handwritten 1200 pages!

Book UniverseSpeaks by Lois HollisI held weekly group meetings to share and discuss the meaning of these words.  A few pages would keep us busy for hours. We discussed the basis of love and joy and pondered the relevance of the universe to humanity.  Interestingly, each time we read the messages we had a different viewpoint. It was as if the combination and the structure of the words were alive with change. However, it was actually we who had changed our consciousness. We were ‘awakened.’

While each person in the group had their own interpretation of universal answers each person felt uplifted and inspired to live a more joyous life. All reported a new sense of the divine and grace. Some reported physical healings.

I recommend two different ways to read “The Universe Speaks.” One is to read the book in the normal chronological order and the other is to simply open to a page where you have a feeling. Either way you chose, I suggest reading only a few pages at a time. Furthermore, a short read of a few pages before going to bed will potentiate the power of this book.

Publisher: Soulspeaks Publishing; 1st edition (2008)
Language: English
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ISBN-13: 978-0615215846
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Weight 1.4 lbs
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  1. Lois Hollis

    I am in a study group in Australia and we come together every to read and discuss your book ”The Universe Speaks.” It has been wonderful. Tears, laughter and experiences were shared. Your book has been a beautiful gift of expansion, joy and love. I simply wish to thank you for writing it…

    Suzy, Australia

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