Out of Discord into Harmony


Lois Hollis docu drama,”Out Of Discount Into Harmony”
takes place in the unconscious mind where you can visit your emotions.The films brilliant uplifting message and never before seen concepts will make you laugh and cry,but most importantly it will inspire you to find your true power and give you a way to live a lasting peace.


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         Out of Discord into HarmonyDVD SETUP

     Created and Produced by Lois Hollis


“I have seen your DVD many times and it always uplifts me and shows me the way to heal my emotion.” –Casey



Lois gives us a glimpse into the unconscious mind in her film, “Out of Discord Into Harmony.” She takes us on a journey into our family of emotions who are waiting for us to help them find each other and live in harmony. Once they live in harmony we find ourselves in harmony as well.

Through healing rather than managing your emotions, you will find freedom from malingering dysfunctional patterns that may have restricted you from achieving your goals and/or obtaining peace

DVD Out of Discord into Harmony      All emotions of your personality influence your behavior with yourself and others.

DVD Out of Discord into Harmony      All emotions, especially the negative ones are needed to heal emotionally and physically.

 DVD - Unconscious Mind       Emotions are the lifeline to your soul and strengthens with emotional healing.

DVD Out of Discord into Harmony  All emotions are sourced from love. Positive emotions receive their energy from the light energy of    your  soul. Negative emotions receive their energy from SHAME/GUILT which covers your light.

Lois shows you how to heal and integrate repressed negative emotions and other withdrawn parts of your personality to live an empowered life full of potential. No matter what your state of being, Lois will teach you how to push your goalposts forward and achieve a healthier and enhanced life. From the depressed adult to the confused teenager, Lois has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their goals.

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“Out of Discord Into Harmony” illustrates the process of healing your negative emotions. Lois takes you on the journey of her own healing, introduces you to her own emotions and explains the process.  Includes television interview of Lois, as well as testimonials.

Lois Hollis’ docu drama, “Out Of Discord Into Harmony” takes its audience on her radiant journey from a life of prescription drugs and despair to health and joy. Children actors personify emotions who interact in perceptive and often humorous ways to guide each other from pain and depression to genuine happiness.

A brilliant blend of hope and joy brings an uplifting message to show how the road to health begins with healing emotions of the personality. The film shows its viewers that their power and passion is often locked in the shame of negative emotions. The film’s innovative concept will make you laugh and cry, but most importantly it will inspire you to find your true power and live a lasting peace.

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