Emotional Revolution = Evolution: Releasing Shame/Guilt


Lois has created a new field of study that shows how SHAME and GUILT are the root cause of emotional disorders. With this new information, we can now claim our self-esteem, individual power, vibrant health, and divine greatness. EMOTIONAL-REVOLUTION=EVOLUT

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Lois Hollis redefines our perception of shame guilt and ushers in a new paradigm of self-esteem, healing, and evolution for humanity. This new knowledge explores the hypnotic effect of shame guilt and how it permeates our language and culture to devalue us. We remain paralyzed in dysfunctional behaviors and physical disorders. She shows us how we can not only release a lifetime of physical and emotional bondage but reprogram our distorted thinking. These distortions in our psyche from shame and guilt now have the capacity to realign with our innate goodness and potential. Lois will take us on the journey where we can discover and evolve into our greatness. “Emotional revolution=Evolution” is a must-read for those seeking to do and be more.

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