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Teri Kamphaus Wellbrock

Lois Hollis thank you for the beautiful and much needed work you are doing to guide others to healing And for joining me on The Healing Place Podcast to shine your light of hope! So glad your message is resonating with my audience.


Lois Hollis’ interview challenges psychology as she reveals how emotions are our life force. The presence of shame guilt makes us deny our feelings and our body loses the energy to maintain health.

Never…Ever… Give Up Hope

Nothing Destroys Hope More Than shame guilt

Good Deeds Radio

Dr. Renee Sunday. “Wow. What a powerful show with Lois Hollis. Thanks for explaining the difference between shame guilt words in contrast to neutral words

Om Times Radio

Lois Hollis explains the importance of individuals who seek a deeper
spiritual life need to understand the truth about shame guilt.

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