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” I worked with Lois about five years ago. Her work is simply uncomplicated. Lois is amazingly intuitive and like nurses she gives you direct instructions like prescription. I took notes on every word she said from this podcast . I’m revisiting my recent shame/guilt to get rid of it again. ”

-Eleanor Polchinski

Lois Hollis’ Message

“The time has come” to educate the public that shame and guilt weaken everyone’s body, emotions, and spirit. Only when we stop shame and guilt behaviors will humanity heal and move forward.

Lois stands out of the wellness crowd as a Shame/Guilt Educator as she reveals information concerning shame and guilt that has never been reported.

Have we not looked for a resolution to emotional and physical distress or evolving spiritually? Are we tired of affirmations, wellness programs, shamanic practices, positive self-talk, meditation, healing conferences, tapping, oils, talk therapies, or massage? Are we frustrated for the loss of time and money?

Lois explains that the recognition and release of shame and guilt is the missing link in today’s therapies and the reason why we journey from one healing trend to the next.


Would you be interested in  broadcasting why we are living in the greatest of times?

No other time in history has humanity exchanged war and pestilence for joy and peace. We are in new territory.

Today we need to understand the trickery of shame  and guilt so we can release negativity and embody our natural power and the beauty of our  soul.



Lois Hollis’ interview challenges psychology as she reveals how emotions are our life force. The presence of shame guilt makes us deny our feelings and our body loses the energy to maintain health.

The Sedona Scene

Healing the Healers. A must-listen for lightworkers.

Healing the Healers. A must-listen for lightworkers.

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Secret of living A long life With Lois Hollis

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Nothing Destroys Hope More Than Shame and Guilt

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Good Deeds Radio

Dr. Renee Sunday. “Wow. What a powerful show with Lois Hollis.
Thanks for explaining the difference between shame and guilt
words in contrast to neutral words

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Lois Hollis explains the importance of individuals who seek a deeper
spiritual life need to understand the truth about shame and guilt.

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Meeting Lois was the turning point in my life. I am forever grateful.

Joy C.
Waynesville, NC.