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Overcoming feelings of shame guilt

Overcoming Feelings of Shame and Guilt

Everyone carries the energy of shame and guilt. The noticeable thing here is that it is not an emotion to own, it’s an energy. We all carry shame and guilt energy from our culture. The question here is: why are shame and guilt a problem? So, what happens to your computer when it gets a virus? Nothing works right. All you need to do is to get a virus removal program. That’s exactly what shame and guilt energy does to us. It sets our minds into confusion and fear.

It offsets our emotions; it changes the positive emotions into negative ones, like it turns our compassion into depression, our passion into anger, and our intuition into anxiety. Shame Guilt energy affects the meridians within our physical body and messes us up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

There is no good shame or good guilt. They are the same energy. Shame is in the unconscious mind while guilt is in the conscious mind. There is no such thing as healthy poison. None of them are healthy for you.

Changing Guilt into Regret

If you are feeling guilty about something, use words like remorse, regret, or reform. Do not carry shame and guilt; it does not belong to us.

The first thing to know is that shame and guilt are not from us; they do not belong to us. It is not ours to own. It is a foreign energy. If you have anger, depression, or anxiety, talk and deal with them. But you cannot heal from shame and guilt; you have to kick it out of your life. If someone shames you, give it back to them; it is not yours to own.

Remove the words “shame” and “guilt” from your vocabulary.

The worst mistake people usually make is using shame and guilt as normal words in their normal vocabulary. Do not use words like “shame” and “guilt” in your normal vocabulary. Shame is not normal, and guilt is also not normal. We need to step-up. Do not do good things because you feel guilty. Step-u, do good things because this is the right thing to do.

Never ever own your shame and guilt. Never say “my shame” or “my guilt. In this way, you are owning shame and guilt, and it will start dragging you down. It is not ours to own or to give.

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