“Out of Discord Into Harmony” (2008) & guilt and shame

GUEST: Filmmaker and author Lois Hollis

What do shame and guilt mean?

Our culture defines shame as a mechanism or an emotion that makes us feel bad enough about ourselves. Guilt is a mechanism that makes us say, “I should repent because I did something bad. Shame and guilt are the same energy. The reason they have different names is because shame is in the unconscious mind and guilt is in the conscious mind.

If you have an infection in your stomach, it is gastritis. If you have an infection in your brain, it is meningitis. It is all because of the same bacteria, but it is in different locations. Some people say shame is bad and guilt is good. They think we need guilt to be moral. Shame Guilt is an energy that is placed upon us, and it is negative.

Foreign Energy

Shame Guilt is an energy that comes into us; it does not belong to us. It’s a foreign energy that comes into us from the other people that are holding this shame and guilt energy. Shame guilt is not ours to own. It’s outside negative energy. Never say “my shame” or “my guilt. Never own your shame and guilt.

It is not your fault that you feel depressed. It is not your mother’s or your brother’s fault. Shame and guilt are the enemies here. Feel your feelings, but not shame and guilt.

Self-Talking is Self-Healing.

If you are feeling depressed or anxious, just talk to it. Talking to yourself is the very first step to healing. Talk to your depression. Talk to your anxiety. Talk to your emotions, but never with shame or guilt, because they are poison and do not serve you well. There is no such thing as healthy poison.

The best way to get rid of shame and guilt?

We need to talk to our inner personality parts and get to know them. They will release the shame and guilt that we accumulated in either childhood or adulthood. As an initial, if a person realizes that shame and guilt are not theirs to own, it is a foreign energy that is not part of us. He will start releasing guilt.

Shame and guilt are not emotions. You need to become friends with your inner critic and talk to it. It will help you to release all the guilt you are holding.

Our Feelings

Shame guilt is a negative energy that transforms our emotions. It is the root cause of all the negativity. It turns our compassion into depression, our passion into agitation, our intuition into anxiety. It turns positive emotions into negative emotions. Shame and guilt are the only enemies we all have.

Shame and guilt energy are the root causes of all of our emotional, mental, and psychological issues. Shame and guilt are energies that people throw at you. You can easily take them off. We need someone to see us, because shame does not stay when we see it.

Eastern and Western Countries Experience Shame and Guilt

The United States is more guilt-based, while on the other hand, oriental countries like China or Japan are more shame-based. But the noticeable point is that there is shame and guilt. Shame and guilt are all over the world. Shame Guilt is placed all over humanity. We carry it from one lifetime to another. We have carried shame and guilt for generations. It is automatically given from one person to another.

You are a human, so be kind to yourself. Shame guilt is not for humanity. It serves us nothing. It only drags you down and makes you suicidal. It does not belong to us. You need to know that shame and guilt are not ours to know. It is not a part of us. It is energy, and then you will be able to get rid of it.