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No more of the circus of humanity

No more of the circus of humanity. What is real stays and what is fabricated will be dissolved as a lie upon the soul.

Today and tomorrow join hands and light the path of the unknown seeker. Each one present now abides by the new codes of love to heighten the awareness of joy and nestle within the gravity of the soul that lives eternally.

The truth is now the center of the universe that takes itself upon each heart and soul that it visits. The remainder of times is so looked at as the precipice of change. The wanting is no longer needed because each day fulfill the moments of desire. 

Each pinnacle of love dance with the today love and invites the tomorrow love to sit by its side. Each moment is the dance and the singing comes within its presence.

At long lasting is the freedom of desire that will commence its journey upon the wisdom of all of God’s creation. 

The talk now is of the present that invites the future to become itself as it glows its peace and lights the paths to the Lord God.

Each moment is at rest as it awaits the tomorrow that brings more peaceful light into the dismal swamp of unlove. 

We as human exist within the framework of love and bring the light to commence the universe into its full potential of love. Go now and sing your praises of the joy of love and light that you too can join in the light that defies all obstacles of darkness that have ravished our earth presence. 

No more will the demons of darkness be allowed to twist the human into the robotic abyss. It is now written in the scrolls of love that only love and joy will create.

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