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Negative Emotions

Lois Hollis – shame guilt Counselor Discusses Strategies to Overcome Deeply Negative Emotions

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Negative Emotions

Shame and guilt are the root causes of all the problems. Once you get rid of shame and guilt, you start healing from all the other problems. You can get rid of all emotional, physical, mental, and physical diseases.

You are not having shame and guilt. Your inner critic or inner child is carrying shame and guilt. Shame is released when it is recognized and seen.

Depression and Anxiety

What is depression? We all feel hurt and we have feelings of being hurt when we do not get something that we want. So we are protective of ourselves. We are anxious about who is going to hurt us next. You are worried that it will happen again, and it does. Then you become more and more anxious. It brings you anxiety and anger. When you start to deal with anger, it accumulates. It only intensifies. This anger is bigger than the hurt and anxiety. Hatred above anger is depression, and depression has more shame and guilt than anger. When someone is depressed and they start getting angry, it is the first sign that they are becoming healthier. So the depression is the larger scale of shame and guilt.

Getting Rid of Shame and Guilt

Shame and guilt are difficult to get rid of because they look at the model. We have depression, anxiety, hurt feelings, anger, hatred.Then we dislike it and give up on it. Anger, depression, anxiety, and hate bring shame and guilt. Shame and guilt are the end results of all of these emotions, including anger, anxiety, hatred, and others. Finding and getting rid of shame and guilt is the key to getting out of depression. Positive affirmation is very important. Talk to yourself. Appreciate yourself. Self-talking is the beginning of self-healing.

The inner critic is the star. The in-charge and CEO are the inner critics. The role of the inner critic is to keep us safe. TALK TO YOUR INSIDE CRITICISM. Become friends with your inner critic. Your inner critic is stuck in the 90s. You just have to bring it to 2022 and have a talk with it. Your inner critic will help you get rid of shame and guilt.

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