Lois moved to Sedona, Arizona where she uncovered shame guilt secrets, her ability to write Light Language Poetry, and discovered the doctor who helped restore her health.  

Why I chose shame guilt
for study?

shame guilt reinforce each other to produce negative emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety, addictions, traumas, etc. They infiltrate our emotions with stealth precision that causes our struggles from low confidence to suicide.

Knowledge is the best prevention to stop shame guilt from destroying our lives. Our lack of knowledge and their secrecy gives them power over us.

As an educator, counselor, and filmmaker, I expose the shame guilt secrets so we can identify, release, and avoid them. We will change our traditional shame guilt culture to resolve the fear that stops us and the mental health crisis.

God gave me three beautiful
amazing girls.
Three Amazing Grandsons
Amazing Partner
Sensational family

Lois’ life was not
always happy.

Lois Hollis was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1943. She earned her RN from St. Joseph Hospital and achieved her BSN from the University of Pennsylvania. For thirty years, she gained experience as a nurse in open-heart surgery, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, and nephrology. However, she spent most of her career in nephrology, the treatment of kidney disorders. She used her talents in research, teaching, and consulting to help establish one of the first kidney hemodialysis units in the United States at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Lois taught hospital staff, physicals, and nurses how to care for hemodialysis patients both in hospital and home.

After seven years of an intense working schedule, Lois needed change. She retired to consulting and eventually married. Although she lost three pregnancies, she gave birth to three girls. She states, “God gave me three beautiful girls.”

Despite her many accomplishments, her abusive childhood traumas began to outweigh her vivacious lifestyle. She succumbed to guilt-ridden depression, heart and liver disease, 30 years of migraine headaches, and structural deformities. Her physicians told her that she could not live past 50years. After ten years of unsuccessful therapies with traditional medical and psychological professions, she, with great sadness, turned to holistic health.

Lois soon discovered that her emotional and physical health intricately weave themselves to produce health or disease. She could not remember her childhood, but soon, she was shocked to learn that her abusive childhood left many scars. She was diagnosed with brain traumas, fractured jaw, broken neck, and congenital heart disease. Since brain traumas cause an increased sensitivity to sunlight, she understood why there was a time she was unable to be in the daylight.

Her health improved with holistic remedies and emotional counseling lessen her depression. She no longer thought suicide was her only option but remained despondent. Her poor health still left her with a short life span.

Lois innately knew God had plans for her and there was a way for her to have vibrant health. God answered her prayers. She had several spiritual experiences that gave her the energy and wisdom to find more ways to heal.

First, she discovered that holistic and chiropractor doctors had different ways of healing. She moved across the country to be with a chiropractor who followed the original palmer method. He realigned her body from her many childhood fractures. She also decided to talk with her emotions instead of about them to therapists.

Lois soon learned from her emotions that shame guilt distorts our biological systems and creates emotional and physical illnesses. Applying the release of shame guilt from her life, she no longer had lingering depression. Her vitality soared. People noticed. They, too, wanted to do what she was doing. And they did. In fact, Lois was so busy she had to write a book to help others who came to her.

She now recognized that shame guilt were the main offenders of health and wellbeing. Even though Lois’ fresh, unique perspective on guilt and shame opens the doors to wellbeing and success, the public resisted. They showed skepticism, indifference, even contempt when she stated that shame guilt saturate our culture and is everyone’s problem. None the less, Lois still maintained that we can stop our struggle with the negativity of low self-esteem, anger, anxiety, and so on when we address shame-guilt directly.

Today is an exciting time. Everything is questioned, and new concepts are typical. Now is the time to expose shame guilt. Her “I’m Good” Docu-series will expose the trickery and dangers of shame guilt to illustrate how changing our shame guilt system can solve our mental health crisis.

I’m a trailblazer

♦As a student and teacher I am educating others to the dangerous impact of shame guilt upon each of us and thus society. My film series goes further to illustrate how changing the shame guilt system can solve our mental health crisis.

♦In 1964 as a registered nurse, I joined the University of Maryland open-heart surgical and nursing team. Imodified my traditional nursing skills to solve the challenges of the new field of open-heart surgery.

♦In 1966 I was a Nurse Entrepreneur. I helped establish one of the first kidney hemodialysis units in the United States at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. I assisted with research, teaching, and consulting to support other dialysis centers.

♦I co-founded the AANNT American Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technicians in 1971 to standardize procedures for hemodialysis nursing.

♦Before the availability of the hepatitis vaccine, I contained a hepatitis epidemic at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Dialysis Unit and developed protocols for hepatitis management in hemodialysis to other units.

♦With much sadness and to the resistance of my colleagues, I left traditional medicine in 1980 for holistic health to save my daughters’ life and my own.

♦I know first hand the importance of healing and the spirit of living. I have been blessed to have extra years in my life by overcoming heart disease, kidney dysfunction, brain traumas, rib fractures, and 30 years of migraine headaches. I had three miscarriages, but God gave me three beautiful daughters.

♦Why I chose shame guilt for study? shame guilt reinforce each other to produce negative emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety, addictions, etc. shame guilt harm us physically, mentally, emotionally, and separates us from our spirit. Our lack of knowledge and their secrecy gives them power.


 Lois is a gifted teacher whose sense of morality and ethics are not man-made but divinely inspired. She is the peacemaker who has abandoned judgment on behalf of love and understanding.
D.L. Clear Lake, Washington