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Solving Mom Guilt

Lois Hollis, on Mom Guilt.

Solving Mom Guilt

Shame guilt is an energy that forces our positive emotions to be negative. Why do you need therapy for depression and anxiety? When you can just get rid of shame and guilt, which is the root cause of all these problems. Shame keeps building; it does not go away unless you make it go away.

Mothers feel shame and guilt automatically because they want best for their children, we do not want them to make the same mistakes that we did. The reason it become so intense is that it is accumulated from the past. You can get rid of mom guilt by simply releasing the shame and guilt from the past, in this way the intensity of shame and guilt will be decrease.

Mom Guilt: Practical Ways to Help Mom

We all know about the love energy that comes into us, especially with children. It brings us joy and happiness and love feelings. Love energy is seen in all the positive things because love is the root of joy, self-esteem, and confidence. Then there is negative energy that also comes into us. That negative energy is shame and guilt.

What happens to your computer when a virus comes into it? It stops working. Then we need a virus removal program. We humans are also like computers. Shame and guilt are the viruses. They come into us and make us distorted.

Shame and guilt are the negative energies that change our positive emotions into negative ones. It turns our compassion into depression, our intuition into anxiety. Shame and guilt distort our brains, as well as our physical body and spiritual well-being.

There’s a connection between you and God. You can talk to God directly. Shame and guilt cause a distortion. There is no such thing as good shame. People think that shame is bad and guilt is good. Remember that there is no healthy poison. Shame and guilt do not belong to humanity. It is common but not normal. Never say, “My shame or my guilt,” and never own your shame or guilt.

Appreciate yourself.

Talk to yourself, appreciate yourself. Always say “I am good.” Talk to your emotions. Do not deny it, and do not push shame and guilt away; instead, try to communicate with your emotions and solve the problem. Everybody has an inner critic and it has a whole different story to tell. Communicate with your inner critic. Your inner critic is your shame and guilt producer. Keep talking to your emotions.

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