I am sitting down with Lois Hollis a remarkable lady who has dedicated her life to healthcare and holistic healing. Born in Baltimore, Lois embarked on a nursing career that spanned over three decades, specializing in nephrology and pioneering advancements in kidney hemodialysis. She shared her expertise through research, teaching, and consulting, contributing to the establishment of one of the first kidney hemodialysis units in the United States.

Through her own healing process, Lois uncovered the profound impact of shame and guilt on our health and happiness. Recognizing the pervasive presence of these emotions in society, she devoted herself to shedding light on their destructive power. With her unique perspective and personal experiences, Lois empowers individuals to break free from the chains of shame guilt, opening the doors to vibrant health and success.

Join us as Lois shares her incredible story and discusses her groundbreaking work in exposing the trickery of shame guilt. Discover how addressing these emotions directly can lead to profound healing and pave the way for a fulfilling life. Don't miss this eye-opening conversation on Transcendent Minds with Lois Hollis, a true advocate for holistic well- being and personal transformation.


Introduction of Loishollis