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Lois tells how to heal

shame guilt , why are they still “taboo” subjects? In a world on the edge of a mental health crisis, why do we continue to silence one of the root causes of the problem? shame guilt reinforce each other to produce negative emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety, addictions, traumas, etc. They infiltrate our emotions with stealth precision that causes our struggles from low confidence to suicide.

Lois Hollis is an educator, counsellor, and filmmaker, who exposes the shame guilt secrets so we can identify, release, and avoid them. Her goal is to our traditional shame guilt culture to resolve the fear that stops us and the mental health crisis. Knowledge is the best prevention to stop shame guilt from destroying our lives. Our lack of knowledge and their secrecy gives them power over us.

Connect with Lois www.loishollis.com Facebook @lois3hollis. Get her 500 Questions That have One Answer to begin your journey of healing.

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