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Light Up Your Life

Light Up Your Life – Release of shame guilt

We have love energy that comes into us. What does love energy do to us? It brings us joy, peace, happiness, confidence, intuition, passion, and love for other people. We have many other emotions that come because of love energy. On the other hand, we have shame and guilt energy that comes into us. It is a negative energy. Shame is of the unconscious kind, while guilt affects the conscious mind. Some people think that shame is bad and guilt is good. Guilt makes us more moral. Shame Guilt is one word.

Shame and guilt in the medical field

If you have a virus in your brain, it is called meningitis. If you have a virus in your stomach, it is called gastritis. If you have a virus in your liver, it is termed hepatitis. It’s all about the same virus but in different locations.

Same as shame and guilt. They are like a virus and cause huge confusion. Shame Guilt is not good. Not a single part of it is good. There is no healthy poison. So how is guilt good for you? If you are feeling guilty, it can turn into remorse or regret for doing something. You can make a big difference in this way.

Shame, Guilt, Energy

Shame Guilt is an energy that comes into us. What happens to your computer if there is a virus in it? It messes up all the time and does not work at all. That is how shame and guilt energy work. It is like a computer virus that comes into us. We are electronic people. When a virus or energy comes into us in the form of shame and guilt, it causes brain fog and a huge amount of confusion. It turns all the positive emotions into negative ones. It turns our compassion into depression, our intuition into anxiety, and it changes our passion into anger.

Shame Guilty is an energy. It is placed upon humanity. It is like a parasite that sucks our lives out of us. It just cannot live without sucking our lives out of us. It is a part of our humanity, and shame and guilt energy are not ours. It is a foreign energy; it is not ours to own.

Dealing with Shame, Guilt and Energy

How can you defeat your enemy if you do not know about your enemy? Shame Guilt is our enemy and our culture has taught us not to talk about it. If you do not know your enemy, you are always going to live in an extreme mess.

Take out the words “shame” and “guilt” from your vocabulary. Do not say words like “shame” or “guilt. Remove them from the normal vocabulary. We all have regrets. It is OK to have regrets. It is part of learning and growing. But do not feel shame or guilt. Regrets are the way of stimulating you to do better things. In comparison, shame and guilt only drag us down.

Become friends with your inner critic.

The initial step in healing from shame and guilt is to become friends with your inner critic. Self-talking is the best way to get out of this shame and guilt prison. Talk to yourself, talk to your depression and anxiety. It is the most beneficial way to heal mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The Inner Critic is in-charge. It is the CE. Talk to yourself or your inner personalities and it will help you out from shame and guilt prison. Shame or guilt is not an emotion; it changes our emotions. You cannot blame your mother, your father, your teacher, or the president if you are feeling depressed. You can only blame yourself. The only things you can blame are shame and guilt energy.

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