Now Is The Time

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Light Language Poetry

For in the wilderness of life God is here beckoning us to sing His songs of love and joy. The paramount victory of love is the beauty of creation as seen by the joys of the moment.

Within love is the circle of peace that dances its song and prays that the rest of creation hears its dreams. The love of the moment is the inherent joy and wisdom that we all seek as the roses shine their beauty of love.

No mistake that life has taken its turn to love. For now is the precipice of change that dances to the music of creation. At long last the songs honor each human and the dancing is the forever song of belonging into the joys that encircle and enshrine the beauty of love.

Tomorrow is the moment that beauty offers us to stay in the wisdom of the seeker who has managed to joy the life of its existence.

Long standing grief is upon us now and we can witness its sorrow but we can also witness its story of unbegotten love. The rose petals have dropped from the fountain of youth and they too want to sing the song of everlasting beauty of love.

Make no mistake now. The beauty that comes will glisten into the wilderness of sin and arise the ones that love itself into existence. The long story has been forgotten and creation has not remembered all the stories of the ill advised. The temptation to be all and the mighty will rise as if time never existed and the love is forever.

The universe awakens now from the sleep of disrepair and the moment love enters the stage of life is the moment that beauty partakes of its rightful place.

Arising is the beauty within all of us as if we too were asleep in the dismal swamp of ill begotten love that turned us into the robotic of hateful surrender.

We did not know because we were covered with the darkness of sin that shame and guilt put upon us. There is no such thing as sin. For in the sinning is stuck shame and guilt and it is to the wise ones to know that shame and guilt were made to covet the earth kingdom that God created for the human race to flourish.

Light Language is the language of the dimensions of love and light.
You will notice that the words are not written in the ‘normal’ order for English grammar.

Early one morning, after I moved to Sedona, Arizona, and recovered from ill health, I was awakened by words. I took pen to paper and wrote. Each word followed the previous one. As I wrote, shimmering triangles move onto the paper, and I felt a cadence of love.
After nine months the sacred words stopped. I typed them into my computer, and amazingly I had 500 pages!
Those who read and re-read these words, had a renewed sense of joy and divine grace on love within humanity. Some said, ‘we are awakened.’ Some reported healings.

Soul Mirror Cards are short phrases of Light Language.

‘The Soul Mirror Cards are magical!  I feel the message that I read, and I understand it immediately. I was surprised that a complete concept was presented within a few words. I had to read pages from other books and cards to arrive at the same concept. Thank you Lois, for this divine gift!
Michelle B. – Sedona, Arizona

I carry these cards in my purse for ‘wisdom in the moment.’
Eileen L. North Carolina

Lois’ Soul Mirror Cards are truly ‘living cards’! They speak to me about my unspoken questions with answers, just like the living bible. They tell me what I need to learn, how to look at it spiritually, and the rewards. You are a spiritual messenger. Thank you for being you, Lois!
K.D. – Sedona, Arizona

Let it be among all people

Now to begin their life as if it were the bosom of the earth and the love of the tides. To lay witness to ones ocean of heart lie the message that life has a purpose indeed. No more of this crying asunder of all that has not happened. In the void of nothing there is the neglect of ones soul.

All is now to be seen as a message of time embraced as itself seeking ones soul. Life has now housed its own source and the bed of life lies inside the warmth of the heart. The seeking remains of time are the way life leads itself and all journeys amass in wisdom to garnish the life of freedoms song.

Now here upon the learning of self is ones heart that seeks its soul. No more wanderings because life has envisioned itself to live upon the universal dream of oneness.

All is so well arranged now to corner the sleepless nights that wonder into the daytime. This circle of friendship of night and day reveals that something is amiss inside ones heart. Night after night is the seasonal eclipse of knowing that imprints ones soul in wakeful time. Ones heart waits no more!

Now love sinks strongly into oneself and its escape is stopped as a warning of one’s soul. No more abandonment here because it is told that life must proceed to its normal conclusion of love. The rapture of hidden beauty is the reason for this concern and the abiding of the heart with one’s soul is the reason for life.

One must now surely pick up the pieces of one’s life because it is impossible to live heaven here on earth otherwise. One’s soul is decreeing this fully and it arranges itself from time to time for its own seeking.

Here is the wonder of delight and frozen wishes that make dreams tomorrow’s song. The music of one’s soul brings about the happiness of the universe.”

 “I am in a study group in Australia and we read your Light Writings. It has been wonderful. Tears, laughter and experiences were shared. Your writings are a beautiful gift of expansion, joy and love. I simply wish to thank you for writing them. Let us know when your new book arrives.”
Suzy, Australia