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Early one morning, after I moved to Sedona, Arizona in 2000 to recover from ill health, I was awakened by words swirling within me. I tried to discard the endless barrage, but the words refused to leave.

I surrendered. I left my bedroom for a seat at my desk. Astonished! The words not only continued but

increased their cadence.

As I wrote, shimmering white golden triangles danced onto the paper and love permeated me. I wrote the words exactly as I felt/heard them through the dancing light triangles. Each word built upon each other to form the many sentences of beauty. 

Love carried me on, but soon my physical body needed a break. I stopped. The next morning I was once again greeted with the sacred words. 

My life continued this way for several months. Until one day the words stopped, and I stopped. After a long rest, I typed the sacred words into my computer. I had written 725 pages. 

In time, I came to understand that the sacred words I was given are the language of Light and Love. 

Most languages speak to our minds. Language in its present grammatical form, keeps our minds locked in the control of social conditioning of our culture. The use of shame guilt behaviors is the cornerstone or structure that makes social conditioning possible.  We are locked in a trance of mediocrity. 

When our mind dominates, we ONLY hear what our culture is telling us. Our heart and soul remain silent. Without our heart-soul connection, we live robotically, controlled by others without the light and love of our souls. 

However, Light Language is the language of the dimensions of love and light. Light and love by its nature speaks to our heart and soul and will re-establish their connection.

The split between our hearts and souls will repair itself. 

The more Light and Love language we read
the stronger our heart-soul connection.

Now is the time

Writings From My Soul that inspire love to stop shameguilt.


Reading from paper than computer brings better results.

Your writings feel like a beautiful poem of the heart of God and from God. Very inspiring! – Frankie N.C.


Into the spaces of not knowing is the reason for life itself. Untold mysteries abound with the witnessing of self.

The long time among us is the freedom dance of love. Love flourishes itself as the water comes upon the stream in the hopes of love flowing bountifully inside each moment that shame guilt attacked.

It is the reason, therefore, that our duties lie within the cracks of not knowing. For in the scholarly realms of love, light takes its place upon the treetops of wisdom.

Here is the journey of each soul that inhabits the earth of yours. It is long-lasting, as each lie of living has taken its toll on the free people who strive for the justice of all things.

Today I take it upon myself to see the perpetual duties of long-lasting love that has come to visit each soul of lighted beauty.

The love arises within me and circles around and around until it visits me again. The beauty of this mechanism is the life of me that sits in the forest to await the next movement of loving light.

It is now told that it is not long in the making of love. Each beauty of soul that pronounces the magic words of freedom gives one the exit from the forsaken wilderness of ego parading each moment of despair. 

Life ceases to exist when the dark clouds of disrespect reign upon the people of untruths. 

At long last, joy is upon the horizon, followed by the love of self. 

NO journey is without merit, for the rein of everlasting beauty is the God song of love. 

Take these words to your heart as you nestle within yourself and see the beauty of your soul. 

Soul Mirror Cards are short phrases of Light Language.

‘The Soul Mirror Cards are magical!  I feel the message that I read, and I understand it immediately. I was surprised that a complete concept was presented within a few words. I had to read pages from other books and cards to arrive at the same concept. Thank you Lois, for this divine gift!
Michelle B. – Sedona, Arizona

I carry these cards in my purse for ‘wisdom in the moment.’
Eileen L. North Carolina

Lois’ Soul Mirror Cards are truly ‘living cards’! They speak to me about my unspoken questions with answers, just like the living bible. They tell me what I need to learn, how to look at it spiritually, and the rewards. You are a spiritual messenger. Thank you for being you, Lois!
K.D. – Sedona, Arizona

The Music of one’s soul brings about the happiness of the universe.


LET IT BE AMONG ALL PEOPLE.  Now to begin their life as if it were the bosom of the earth and the love of the tides. To lay witness to ones ocean of heart lie the message that life has a purpose indeed. No more of this crying asunder of all that has not happened. In the void of nothing, there is the neglect of one’s soul.

All is now to be seen as a message of time embraced as itself seeking one’s soul. Life has now housed its own source, and the bed of life lies inside the warmth of the heart. The seeking remains of time is the way life leads itself, and all journeys amass in wisdom to garnish the life of freedom’s song.

Now here upon the learning of self is one’s heart that seeks its soul. No more wanderings because life has envisioned living upon the universal dream of oneness.

All is so well arranged now to corner the sleepless nights that wander into the daytime. This circle of friendship of night and day reveals that something is amiss inside one’s heart. Night after night is the seasonal eclipse of knowing that imprints one’s soul in wakeful time. Ones heart waits no more!

Now love sinks strongly into oneself, and its escape is stopped as a warning of one’s soul. No more abandonment here because it is told that life must proceed to its normal conclusion of love. The rapture of hidden beauty is the reason for this concern, and the abiding of the heart with one’s soul is the reason for life.

One must now surely pick up the pieces of one’s life because it is impossible to live heaven here on earth otherwise. One’s soul is decreeing this fully, and it arranges itself from time to time for its own seeking.

Here is the wonder of delight and frozen wishes that make dreams tomorrow’s song. The music of one’s soul brings about the happiness of the universe.


 “I am in a study group in Australia and we read your Light Writings. It has been wonderful. Tears, laughter and experiences were shared. Your writings are a beautiful gift of expansion, joy and love. I simply wish to thank you for writing them. Let us know when your new book arrives.”
Suzy, Australia

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