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Healthy and Wellthy

“Things that lead to the healthiness and wellness of our soul, spirit, and whole body.” 

Lois Hollis is a well-known shame guilt educator, counselor, and film maker. She had gone through much trauma at an early age. She built the first dialysis unit in the country. She had also suffered from migraines for 30 years. She had gone through severe anxiety and depression. Then she decided to get rid of the negative energy of shame guilt in her life. 
She decided to help people who were suffering from sham guilt, and she was successful in doing so. 
Listening to the first part, I acknowledged that there is no positivity in shame guilt. She believes that there’s no healthy poison, that shame guilt are also like poisons. Everybody around you is trying to put you down, so you cannot say it is their fault or your fault. She further explains that shame guilt are like viruses. If there’s any virus of shame and guilt in your mind, they confuse your mind. 

How can you actually get rid of shame guilt:

Instead of saying that you feel guilty, you should say you regret it if you did anything wrong to any person, and I will make amends for it. It will help you to actually kick the negativity of shame guilt from your life. 
The most important part is that we are afraid of even calling the person we hurt. If you have any regrets about what you have done to someone, you should try to make something up for that person. 
Forgiveness plays a major role in this scenario. Even if the person did anything on purpose, you should forgive them because punishment is not the solution. Find another way to teach them. 
Punishment never solves anything. You should change your mindset as if it was that day, and today is that day. Try to accept the thing and face it.

I them. Even as an adult, we are not brave enough to face the situation. 
We are not yet ready to admit our mistake. 
She taught that you do not have to be defensive if someone says something offensive to you or gives you a bad compliment. Just say something interesting and don’t think about it.

Dealing with Depression:

If you got into depression due to shame guilt, take depression as an emotion and try to talk with it. Always keep one person in your life to talk with about the things going on, and it will also help you get out of the holes. If you put shame guilt on a person, it will also come to you at some point. So, if you don’t want to bear shame guilt, don’t blame others.

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