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Healing Depression

I had three miscarriages. One lost pregnancy was at 7 months. Finally, I birthed three beautiful girls Healing from my miscarriages How to become pregnant when ovulation is only a few times a year The emotional impact of infertility Divorced children at three years, four years, six years Maintaining the father figure for my girls after divorce Experience with in-laws after divorce How to emotionally heal from an abusive childhood while parenting How to parent with 30 yrs. of migraine headaches due to childhood brain traumas The emotional and physical pains weighed on me. How not to use shame and guilt in raising my daughters. Today I am a shame guilt educator, counselor, filmmaker, and author to heal myself and now to help others heal. We can take out the shame guilt behaviors in parenting. I would be honored to be your guest to tell my story of hope and how to avoid the use of shame guilt (not shame and guilt) in infertility and parenting. Lois is a shame guilt educator, counselor, filmmaker, author

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