Today with us we have the amazing Lois Hollis, shame/guilt educator and film maker who has just celebrated her 79th birthday and looking forward to her rollerblade party at 80.
She coined the term Shame-Guilt and will be sharing how she moved from being told she had 2 years left to live when she was 55 to the youthful vibrant 79 year old she is today.

Last week Lois celebrated her 79 birthday and looks forward to her special birthday at the rollerblade ring next year at 80. Her grandson taught her how to rollerblade a few years ago and they have been having fun ever since.
Lois says that she is enjoying her life especially since she was given a death sentence at 55 because of her childhood injuries from abuse, heart and liver failure, and brain traumas.
Today Lois is busy with podcasts and sessions informing others how not to live in shame and guilt. Lois coined the word shame guilt. She attributes her good health from learning how to release, get out of shame guilt, and make friends with her inner critic.
Lois has been juicing green vegetables for 20 years and says this is the antidote to aging.



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