Exposing Shame and Guilt

Shame and guilt are stopping us from healing. Shame and guilt are the root causes of all the negativity in your life. You are a shame bucket because the abuser imposed shame or abuse on you, which makes you a victim. .Everyone expends shame and guilt energy on others because no one wants it.You are the reservoir of a narcissist or abuser to unload the shame and guilt or abuse that they carry on you.

Shame and Guilt Affect Our Physical and Emotional Health.

Shame Guilt is an energy that comes into us. What does our love energy bring into us?It gives us joy, happiness, peace, intuition, and confidence. Besides that, we have shame and guilt energy, which just simply turns our positive emotions into negative ones. It turns compassion into depression, our intuition into anxiety, and turns our passion into anger.

What happens to you when your computer gets a virus? It hacks your system and malfunctions all the time. That virus creates a huge mess. The same is true in the case of shame and guilt. Shame and guilt are like viruses. They come into us and distort our evolution.

Shame and Guilt Energies 

We have no nervous systems. One is voluntary and involuntary. Shame effects the involuntary nervous system, which is the unconscious mind, and guilt effects the voluntary nervous system, which is our conscious mind.

What if there is a leak in the roof of your house, kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else? It would not be easier to fix the hole in the roof? So, in order to get therapy for depression or anxiety or any other psychological issue, it would be much easier to get rid of the shame and guilt that are causing all these problems. Shame Guilt energy is the root cause of all physical, mental, emotional, and psychological problems.

Understanding Shame and Guilt

Shame guilt is not two different words; shame guilt is only one phrase. Do not say my shame or my guilt, always say “the shame” or “the guilt”. Never say my shame or my guilt. In this way, you are owning shame and guilt. Never own shame and guilt.

Shame and guilt energy is negative; it is distortive, accumulative, and addictive. Shame Guilt energy comes into us, like a computer virus, it alters our functions. We are electronic beings, and when a destructive force like shame or guilt energy comes into us, it distorts us. We call this confusion. It distorts our nervous system.

If you are confused about something, you are probably feeling shame and guilt. We all have shame and guilt in us. But everyone has a different degree of it.

Defeating Shame and Guilt

How can you defeat an enemy when you do not know who the enemy is? Exactly, shame and guilt are our enemies, and in order to get rid of this enemy, you have to first know about the enemy.

There is a number for each emotion humans can have. For example, joy, happiness, love, and peace are all in the hundred thousand. So, the last emotion on the vibratory scale is shame and guilt. These are the worst emotions someone can have and still be alive. It makes us depressed, anxious, and, in the last resort, suicidal. So, you can get rid of all these problems if you release shame and guilt. If you are feeling guilty, change it to regret or remorse. Do good thing not because you are guilty, but because it is the right thing to do.