Expert One Sheets Interview Intro & Questions

Kevin Footie


Today is our once in a lifetime opportunity to

reclaim our spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental

heritage bestowed upon humanity

at the moment of creation.



Early one morning, after Lois Hollis moved to Sedona, Arizona, and recovered from ill health, she was awakened by words. She took pen to paper and wrote the words. Each word followed the previous one. Lois recalls that as she wrote, shimmering triangles moved onto the paper, and she felt a cadence of love.

After nine months, the sacred words stopped. She typed them into her computer. Amazingly she had 550 typed pages!

Those who read and re-read her words had a renewed sense of joy and divine grace on love within humanity. Some said, ‘We are awakened.” Some reported healings.

Lois Hollis RN, BSN, REV. is the author of two books and a video on shame guilt. Her newest book, “Now is The Time”, contains a sample of her Light Language readings.

Lois states that she has come to learn that Light Language is the language of the dimensions of love and light. This language helps unite our heart and soul by dissolving resistant mental/emotional patterns that keep us stuck in confusion and victimhood.

Lois was a nurse’s aide at 12. Her desire to understand and heal the body continues at 77 as a Shame/Guilt Educator, Counselor, and now Filmmaker. Once she discovered that shame guilt caused emotional and physical illnesses, she healed. Lois shepherds others out of crisis, attain spiritual growth, or achieve success with shame guilt release. Her film helps solve today’s health issues and regain our happiness of spirit.


  1. How did your writing begin?
  2. What were you thoughts and how did you feel the first time you started to write words that spontaneously came to you?
  3. What did you think was the purpose of these words?
  4. When did you share your writings with others and what was their response?
  5. Have your readings changed since you began in 2000?
  6. What is the purpose of your readings? Is there a message?
  7. How does your readings fit in with your other works?
  8. Do you have any instructions for us who read your writings?
  9. Why are you making your spirit reading public now?


Lois Hollis shifts our opinion on one of the most forbidden subjects, and it isn’t sex.

Depression, anxiety, migraines, and pain were Lois’ way of life until she was asked the perfect question. What do you do about shame?  Lois’ life was about to change dramatically. Stunned, she silently went on a mission. Her first stop was the library since the internet was not available.

Lois soon came to learn that shame guilt was within everything she felt. The good news was that she could heal her anger, depression, migraines, rage, fears, pain, etc. The solution to her many emotional and physical problems was in confronting shame guilt.

Now Lois shares her 15 years’ experience as a Shame/Guilt Educator, Counselor, and Filmmaker to give us a short, effective, and lasting way to health and wellness.

Lois is the author of two books and a video on shame guilt. Her newest book, “Now is The Time”, contains her Light Language readings that help our spiritual development by dissolving resistant mental/emotional patterns.

shame guilt experiences accumulate.

Unless shame guilt are recognized and released,

simple hurt feelings can escalate into raging anger.


  1. Your story is fascinating. Can you elaborate on the details, especially on how your discovery led to creating a new profession?
  2. What do you offer in your teachings that is different than popular opinion?
  3. Have you discussed your information with other therapists and counselors? What was their response?
  4. How has it been for you to bring forth a new concept, especially one that is not only difficult to talk about but in some circles forbidden?
  5. Since there are many new healing remedies and processes today, are you concerned about completion?
  6. I see how passionate you are about not using shame guilt. Why is it so important to you? Most of us never considered it a problem.
  7. How do you handle those who say that guilt and shame are necessary to keep us moral?
  8. How can you say that recognizing and releasing shame guilt has long-lasting healing effects?
  9. In your book and website you mentioned that you created a healing method to release shame guilt. It is called Soulspeaks. Can you tell us what led you to develop that process?
  10. How does shame guilt relate to our emotions?
  11. You have a different definition of shame guilt than the traditional meanings. However, your explanation seems like a logical approach to heal.
  12. I find it interesting that you use shame guilt accumulation to define different negative emotions. How did you come to that information?
  13. Tell us about your latest book. What is Light Language?
  14. Before we end, give us some tips to avoid the shame guilt trap.