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End shame guilt

End shame guilt for a Successful 2021 w/Lois Hollis

End shame guilt

Lois Hollis is shame guilt educator, counselor, and also a filmmaker. She is a registered nurse. She built the first kidney dialysis in the USA. She was the first to talk about shame guilt and spiritual wellness. She suffered from a lot of traumas and then decided to heal humanity.

shame guilt are not two separate phrases, “shame guilt is one phrase”. Let make a clear difference between shame guilt. Guilt makes us moral. Shame works in our unconscious mind while guilt remains in the conscious mind.  So they feed each other. You cannot get rid of guilt until you get rid of shame, because that`s feeding it.

Let`s make it more simpler. In the medical origin, wherever the organism virus is we name it according to the place or location where it is. But it confuses us. So is shame guilt, they are like the virus in the mind. They confuses our soul and spirit.

Regret of the things you have done in the past

We all have something from our past that we regret doing. This all is because of shame guilt, because they remain in our unconscious mind. Everyone have a journey of emotions, health and wellness. The reason we got so frustrated is that we really do not do shame guilt work. shame guilt are stopping us from using right modalities.

shame guilt are the keystone to all the negative energies. We all know what is love? Love is like the positive energy that brings us joy, happiness and all the good energies. Now shame guilt are the equivalent to love. shame guilt are like the energies that comes into us and turns our positive energies into negative. It turns our compassion into depression, turns our passion into anxiety and our emotions into anger. 

Quick ways to control shame guilt

Whenever you feel shame guilt just simply put it aside. Shame Guilt is not our thing to own. shame guilt are like foreign energies that comes into us and disturbs over emotions. Shift your perception and talk to your emotion. Just get in the mind that guilt does not make us better person. Do right things not because you feel shame guilt, but because it is the right thing. The best communicator is the one the does non-shameful communication. If you do not want to take shame guilt just do not put it on the other person. Do not even  shaming to yourself.

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