I appreciate your comments, suggestions, complaints, and questions.

I am often asked how to have emotional health, how to start a healthy lifestyle, how to get out of depression, 

how to stop negative self-talk, how to feel happy, how to stop feeling a failure, how to be happy? 

The skills for mental health are to release stored shame guilt and befriend your inner critic. 

The shame guilt energy is the root cause of all negative emotions. 

Each one of our emotions has a negative side and a positive side.

The shame guilt energy turns our positive emotions into their negative state.

When you identify and release the hidden shame guilt accumulated from past traumatic experiences,

your negative emotions return to their original positive state.

When we address shame guilt directly, we turn our negative depression, anxiety, fear, etc., back to their positive side. 

Depression returns to compassion, anxiety returns to intuition, anger returns to passion, and so on.  





Don’t Let ShameGuilt eat you!!!!

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