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Path to emotional wellness

From the shadows of an abusive childhood and battles with dyslexia, Lois emerged as a trailblazer in the medical field, playing a pivotal role in the development of one of the first kidney dialysis machines in the United States.But there’s more to Lois than her professional accolades. Her life is a testament to the power of resilience and the art of healing from within.

She shares how her love for tap dancing became more than a hobby – it was a lifeline, aiding her cognitive development and providing a sanctuary from life’s challenges. Lois’s journey into self-dialogue and her insights on shedding the weight of shame and guilt from her past are profound. Her story resonates deeply, offering not just inspiration but also practical tools for anyone looking to overcome personal hurdles and reclaim their inner strength.

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Journey to Empowered

In the latest episode of Warriors Unmasked, we are privileged to share the extraordinary journey of Lois Hollis, a woman whose life is a testament to the transformative power of understanding and overcoming shameful guilt. Lois, a pioneer in the realm of shame guilt education and a beacon of resilience, invites us into her world with an openness and honesty that is both profound and deeply moving.

Lois’s professional accolades, including her instrumental role in developing one of the first Kidney Hemodialysis Units at Thomas Jefferson University in 1966, set the stage for her remarkable journey. However, it was her personal battle with the scars of an abusive childhood that truly defined her path. Faced with brain traumas, broken jaws, and a myriad of illnesses, Lois’s life reached a critical juncture at 55. Yet, it was in this moment of vulnerability that she found her greatest strength, leading her to an inspiring transformation.

Lois’s story isn’t just about overcoming adversity; it’s a narrative rich with enlightenment and personal growth. Through her deep understanding of shameful guilt and her innovative approach to combating it, Lois transformed her life’s most challenging chapters into a source of empowerment and vitality. Now at 79, her life is filled with joy and health, as evidenced by her ability to rollerblade with her grandson.

Her approach to dealing with shameful guilt is a cornerstone of her life’s work. Lois guides us through the process of identifying and confronting these destructive emotions, encouraging a dialogue with our inner critic. This process is not just about negating negative emotions but about reeducating and realigning our inner voice with our true selves.

Lois Hollis’ journey is a compelling reminder of the indomitable human spirit. Her story, teachings, and resources, including books, spirit readings, and films, are a beacon of hope and guidance for anyone seeking to reclaim their life from the clutches of shame and guilt. If you’re moved by Lois’s powerful story of transformation and resilience, I encourage you to hit play and listen to the full conversation. Her insights and experiences might just be the catalyst you need for your own journey of healing and self-discovery.

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