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The Earthquake of Love

It is with great happiness and love that we come together again on this day of love. The mourning of the world continues but we are here to give the blessings of truth. The world is evolving within its own kingdom of love. The recipients are now flying to join each other in the dance of grace and joy.

The love that effervesces from itself is the reason for life itself. The bringer of love tells us that joy has been deposited upon this earth.The everlasting endurance of love talks to itself in the reasons of doubt and love is forever singing its song. How does beauty intersect with love. The frozenness of joy has now been released and it now finds its own beauty of song. The rising of the kingdom of which it has been found is the key to the wisdom of the world.Alone is now the earthquake of love that tempts itself to explode into the kingdom of grace and points only to itself. Now upon the dewdrop of morning is the right of passage of love to each and every human that sings the song of joyful embrace.Along came the singer that dances in the sky to bring upon each starlit dream that beauty now inhabits the world.The change has occurred, and the earth is now the beauty of the universe, and all must follow its design. The changing of the guard from dark to light has occurred to give freedom to each person. Along came the evilness that darkened its bliss but now the joy has cracked it opened for all to see.The coming of God within each of us can now be seen and within each heart, the pieces of love are activated. The good news is upon us for all to hear and see and those of us need to arise from the ashes of the deep to partake of the love that it brings.Oh, such wonders! We are here now to sing and dance alongside our given right to bless all the kingdoms of the world. We have joined forces of love and beauty that will arise only when we can partake of the love and joy that comes easily now within the focus of love.The truth is now awakened within each of us to join and join with the maidens of love and joy. Perhaps we have forgotten how to sing but the dance of love cometh anyway. In time the dance has been seen and the glory of God and self will recognize itself. Beauty will be the only dance that comes unto us all.All the humans will dance the dance for it is their final call to come forward from the dust that has been put upon this earth of ours.Yes, we have been given this earth to sing and dance and play the music of our souls and with it we will lift it further within the space of reason that allows the freedom of love and joy to once again inhabit the soul of ours.Today is the dance of the kingdom that glows within the darkness of the truth of expression. The journey will live forever in the stars of the world.The truth is now singing, and we are dancing within the light that the darkness took from us. The insides of lust and darkness can destroy the humanness without love. The joy is heavenly, and the dancing will always continue to embellish the souls that want to sing. The dark sky has been erased and the joy can be seen and felt within all hearts of the universe. Today the sky has cracked open, and we can now see and know that the truth of the world is the coming of the joy.The remainder of time will always be as the world turns within itself to be all that it was destined to be. The long time has been now given to the earthly people to shine and shine against the truth of love.The residues of the lust and discord are shaken from the selves of us. It is the earthquake of love that has now descended upon each of us.The earthquake of love will now absorb the darkness and we will be shaken into who we are to live the dance of the freedom and joy that will always be because it always was. So easily upon these joys will we sing them to the world that has awaited for its dream to be realized. In time it will be noted when the cracks of the darkness allow the freedom of the love to explode within each of us.The turbulence of the love feeling will be difficult for some to feel. It is a different song to sing but it is possible for all to hear. Leave your difficulties within the frozenness of fear and dance the songs that are being sung from the wisdom of your soul.The souls of humanity are dancing now to bring the joy that comes within each of us. The truth is now equated to all, and the singing and the dancing is here for all to live.Alongside came the demons of darkness but they could not hear the songs of love. They are frozen into the ways of Satan and will never be able to sing the songs of love. The demons are cast away into their own fear and will be dissolved into the emptiness of space. The demons were not made to dance the songs of heaven but were allowed to test their talents in the loving skies.Along came the freewill dance that granted all to happen upon this earth of ours and the universe became infected as well. The infection of greed and discord embedded itself into all that life had come upon. It is in this infection of evil that ravished the earth and destroyed our beingness to find the love and joy that was given to all. The test had been extended but no more is granted. The Beings of the darkness are not rescued from themselves. They have been turned into themselves and are not able to be abolished. The only way now is to extradite them to themselves and in time they will destroy themselves as the evil has taken over them.

02/13/2020 / loisholllis.com

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Today is the beginning of a new venture for all of us as we traverse a new terrain of living. It is widely now believed that the battles of yesterday maybe still be upon us, but we have surfaced with a new resilience never known to man before.

As we glisten with our new awareness of talents, we come face to face with adversity that still looms upon us. Yes, it is most difficult to remove all the hatred of the land. In time those of hatred will be drawn to each other and no longer contaminate the soul of those who bring forth life. For the time has come to balance out the land of the freedom and enjoy the spectacle of peace.There was a time long before us that was saturated in the goodness of love. However, we were tested with the invasion of other dimensions of life. We have come into the existences of many only to learn that humanity is the richest of all species. With God as our creator, we rest within His arms of love and return that love to others as we circle in the night to find peace among the evils of many.Today imagine the peace we hold dearly is within us but have been made to ignore its presence. Long lasting joy is at our fingertips joining one to another. We need the hands of each other to circle in the night of peace and resurrect again to enjoy the freedoms and love of our humanity.

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The darkness needs light to build its empire, but it is unable to produce it.The darkness has learned how to steal the light from thehuman by using shame guilt.

We, as human beings, are the light bearers of the universe. The human species must always exist so that the universe can exist. We are the guardians of light. Light creates, and the darkness steals our light.We are the light bearers of the universe. We not only carry the light, but weare the light. Light is the food of the universe and without it, the universecannot exist. The darkness needs light to build its empire, but it is unable to produceit. Therefore, the darkness has learned how to steal the light from thehuman by using shame guilt.The darkness twists itself to have us believe that shame guilt is necessary for our growth and well-being. However, this is a false concept. The darkness steals human light to exist. The battle of the universe is lightagainst the shame guilt.Not only does the human species carry the light, but the human is light. Wedo not carry a scepter or a wand. We are light. Every cell in our bodies is alight cell.Disease happens when our light cells can no longer shed their light. As a result, our light cells become dormant and no longer carry the light energy of who we are. Every cell within the human is a light cell, and they act in unison. When the shame guilt attacks the human’s light cell, it changes its frequency and uses its power to create disease and darkness. Therefore, each human being can lose the power of their light.It is customary for the human race not to discuss the light cells within themselves or others. We are never taught the importance of the light energy that we are.No, we do not carry a lighted carrier or a scepter. We are the light and from our light, all life flows. We must now use the word light and see how it enlightens our lives. We need to say the word light within ourselves often. We need to call on the light; it is our power. We are light, and we affect every part of ourselves and the universe.The more we can inhabit the light frequency, the closer we come to inhabiting our total DNA structure. We need to feel the light that we are. The more attention we give our light, the brighter and stronger it becomes. Our light can overpower anything that the darkness places upon us.Our human tissue is made of light, and our light responds to ourthoughts. When we think of the darkness of negativity, we use our power tomake the darkness greater than our light. We sink into a state calleddepression.Depression is the way of the darkness, and you will feel your light cells withdarkness. We have been given the full range of darkness to light and light todarkness. It is our choice to call upon either one.Disease is the calling forth of the darkness, which is always ready to consume our light. The darkness cannot manufacture the light to build its empire. It must steal it from humans using shame guilt.The more light we give to the darkness, the more powerful the darknessbecomes and eventually will overpower our light. We wallow in darkness. Wetake many turns and twists in an endless circle of no benefit. The human hasbeen taught to give to the darkness, which automatically brings down ourlight frequency and we are stuck in the darkness.Healers and their followers must attempt to see how the darkness of diseasechanges the light of the human. They can add the visualization of the light toany healing modality. This knowledge will further complete healing by therelease of the darkness. We can take a more aggressive stand against thedarkness that is stealing our light. We can restore our original human lightpattern of health.Jesus has shown His light to us so many times. However, I doubt if weunderstood the importance of our light. Now, we must learn the magnitude of our light and how it gives us power and protects us from the darkness.We can stop the darkness from gaining strength as we concentrate more onour light energy. We become more powerful than darkness when we do notallow the darkness to steal our light with shame guilt comments.

loishollis.com 04/17/2024

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Path to emotional wellness

From the shadows of an abusive childhood and battles with dyslexia, Lois emerged as a trailblazer in the medical field, playing a pivotal role in the development of one of the first kidney dialysis machines in the United States.But there’s more to Lois than her professional accolades. Her life is a testament to the power of resilience and the art of healing from within.

She shares how her love for tap dancing became more than a hobby – it was a lifeline, aiding her cognitive development and providing a sanctuary from life’s challenges. Lois’s journey into self-dialogue and her insights on shedding the weight of shame and guilt from her past are profound. Her story resonates deeply, offering not just inspiration but also practical tools for anyone looking to overcome personal hurdles and reclaim their inner strength.

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Journey to Empowered

In the latest episode of Warriors Unmasked, we are privileged to share the extraordinary journey of Lois Hollis, a woman whose life is a testament to the transformative power of understanding and overcoming shameful guilt. Lois, a pioneer in the realm of shame guilt education and a beacon of resilience, invites us into her world with an openness and honesty that is both profound and deeply moving.

Lois’s professional accolades, including her instrumental role in developing one of the first Kidney Hemodialysis Units at Thomas Jefferson University in 1966, set the stage for her remarkable journey. However, it was her personal battle with the scars of an abusive childhood that truly defined her path. Faced with brain traumas, broken jaws, and a myriad of illnesses, Lois’s life reached a critical juncture at 55. Yet, it was in this moment of vulnerability that she found her greatest strength, leading her to an inspiring transformation.

Lois’s story isn’t just about overcoming adversity; it’s a narrative rich with enlightenment and personal growth. Through her deep understanding of shameful guilt and her innovative approach to combating it, Lois transformed her life’s most challenging chapters into a source of empowerment and vitality. Now at 79, her life is filled with joy and health, as evidenced by her ability to rollerblade with her grandson.

Her approach to dealing with shameful guilt is a cornerstone of her life’s work. Lois guides us through the process of identifying and confronting these destructive emotions, encouraging a dialogue with our inner critic. This process is not just about negating negative emotions but about reeducating and realigning our inner voice with our true selves.

Lois Hollis’ journey is a compelling reminder of the indomitable human spirit. Her story, teachings, and resources, including books, spirit readings, and films, are a beacon of hope and guidance for anyone seeking to reclaim their life from the clutches of shame and guilt. If you’re moved by Lois’s powerful story of transformation and resilience, I encourage you to hit play and listen to the full conversation. Her insights and experiences might just be the catalyst you need for your own journey of healing and self-discovery.

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