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Lois Hollis RN BSN REV is a shameguilt Educator, Counselor, Filmmaker, Author. Lois volunteered as a nurse’s aide at 12 yrs. Her desire to understand and heal the body and mind continues today at 79 years. Today Lois teaches us how to stop feeling guilty and shameful by releasing the shame guilt from ourselves and how to avoid shame guilt from others.


ARE YOU tired of affirmations, wellness programs, shamanic practices, positive self-talk, meditation, healing conferences and courses, tapping, oils, massage, mind reprogramming, clearing limited beliefs, mind reset, etc.? Are you switching one healing trend for another and losing time and money?

The shameguilt is the cause of emotional, mental, physical problems. Without releasing the shame guilt by you with your coach, therapist, etc., healing is INCOMPLETE.

Lois now shows why and how to stop shaming yourself with guilt. Shame and Guilt do not make us better. Shame and Guilt keep us stuck as victims.

You and your concepts of healing are absolutely nothing short of ‘Brilliant.’ You have given anyone who chooses, ‘the key’ to successful in-depth healing-to the Soul, which one could only imagine before knowing you and your work. Richard Boston.


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Tell me about Lois Hollis and her
shame/guilt counseling.

Lois Hollis is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist known for her work in the field of shame and guilt counseling. She specializes in helping individuals overcome the debilitating effects of shame and guilt, which can often stem from childhood experiences, trauma, or societal expectations.


Hollis’s approach to counseling emphasizes the importance of understanding the root causes of shame and guilt, as well as developing strategies for healing and self-acceptance. She believes that shame and guilt are pervasive emotions that can impact every aspect of a person’s life, from their relationships to their sense of self-worth.


Through her counseling practice, workshops, and writings, Hollis offers tools and techniques for breaking free from the cycle of shame and guilt, empowering individuals to live more fulfilling and authentic lives. She encourages clients to confront their shame and guilt in a supportive and non-judgmental environment, fostering a sense of compassion and self-compassion.


Hollis’s work has been influential in the fields of psychology and mental health, helping to raise awareness about the impact of shame and guilt on mental well-being and offering hope for recovery and transformation.

Depression is the main
cause of disabilty.

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There are no words that can explain how dark, lonely, and exhausting depression is. Your head is never noise free. It’s a barrage of negativity eating at your soul. There is no peace. There is no happiness. Depression ruins lives. It ruins relationships. It never lets go of you. You spin wildly out of control. You are a rag doll tumbling, flailing endlessly with no hope of stopping the momentum. You keep to yourself because you don’t want others to be sucked into your own chaos.

Now is the time

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Get Out of Shameguilt NOW.



I feel I am so blessed, and thank you for helping me, and bringing me back to life. You have a true gift, in healing and helping people change their lives. Thank you again from my new heart. Love you, Arizona

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Lois was a great guest on my show reminding us to kick out the shame guilt leech.

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Lois is a FANTASTIC guest for a podcast that deals with creating a better life for yourself. Her easy to understand language is both informative and interesting. I loved having Lois on the podcast and looking forward to having her on again

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Lois, thank you. You were such a wonderful guest and I love what you are doing as a shame guilt Educator and Counselor! Laurie Ann Bulimia Recovery Coach

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I had a great time with Lois Hollis, she is so full of knowledge, and she is helping so many with what she is doing.

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Lois has a very insightful topic that will help us all self actualize and become better versions of ourselves….Would recommend her as a guest for every podcaster

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Lois has groundbreaking ideas to healing and allowing everyone that comes into her sphere to benefit greatly.

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What Are Shame Guilt Behaviors?

Wow! I had no idea how shame guilt are in our lives. I can finally get rid of so many burdens. A.M. Waynesville, NC.

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